Know Your Market Sector For Hybrid Packaging Solutions


Berlin Packaging UK has a reputation for adapting to packaging demands and offering a solution to many industry sectors. Our product range targets a large audience, which gives us an edge when compared to other suppliers. We work hard to deliver products on time and within budget. We aim to make your end products look outstanding and to be remarkable.

Industry Sectors


Entering into the world of beauty comes with many different challenges. However, we offer a vast selection of cosmetic packaging solutions that will make your products look outstanding. If it’s lipstick, mascara, powder dispensers or lip gloss, to mention a few, we have got it covered. Personal care for both males and females is big business, and the competition can be fierce. Getting your packaging perfect is of the highest priority to Berlin Packaging UK.


Many of our products, including jars, bottles and caps, are suitable for the healthcare industry. We have worked with hospitals, medicine manufacturers and hygiene specialists to produce product packaging. Our range can encapsulate syrups, spray solutions, creams, ointments, powders and hygiene solutions.




The automotive aftercare market is a multi-billion pound industry. Chrome polishers, scratch removers, waxes or cleaning materials need to be packaged and branded well – to stand out among the competition. We offer a range of jars, bottles and dispensing pumps, suitable for many of the new and exciting products available in this industry today.


Berlin Packaging UK’s plastic packaging is made from food-grade plastic and can be used for various edible contents. Jars, bottles and our range of caps and closures work well in the nutritional market. Some foods include food colouring, vitamins & minerals, mixing powders and liquids. We also supply packaging solutions for suntan lotions, tan sprays, after sun care and other travelling products.




The welfare of animal products has seen a huge spike in demand over recent years. Pet care packaging is popular and comes in jars, bottles, caps & closures and liquid containers. Pet hygiene demands product packaging for shampoo, sprays, supplements and ointments.


Berlin Packaging UK offer a huge selection of packaging solutions for both household and commercial business demands. Having a cost-effective product that can deliver on time is imperative to most companies. Our reach includes chemical sprays, cleaning foams, upholstery solutions, wax, soaps and other liquid merchandise. Our range of bottles, dispensing pumps, jars and closures are trendy for this industry type.



Beauty & Personel Care


Our protective range of products provides personal hygiene solutions for everyone. We have a modern selection of bottles with matching caps and dispensing pumps. If your product concentrates on body, face and hand hygiene? Berlin Packaging UK can offer a wide range of economic stock to ensure your product stays on the shelf in the busy marketplace.

The bathroom product line is packed with established brands that have become household names. However, we offer bottles, caps, dispensing pumps, tubes and airless containers in a huge range of styles and colours to make your product unique. If you like the competition or offer an edge on established brands? Why not check out our range today.



We understand the importance of different skincare routines. Oils, serums, gels, lotions and creams play a vital role in challenging and busy lifestyles. As a critical player in the skincare packaging arena, we offer recyclable, economical and modern packaging. Our bottles, tubes, jars and caps can be purchased through our stockholding, or we can help you design something new.

Our haircare packaging solutions can be found all over the world. You might be sitting in your favourite hair salon or popping out to your local supermarket and see our caps, bottles, dispensing pumps or jars. We have created partnerships with commercial brands everywhere you look. Would you like to work with us? Get in touch today!



Oral care solutions have grown significantly over the past decade. Mouth wash, toothpaste, and breath fresheners help prevent tooth decay and unpleasant breath odour. We offer tubes, bottles, caps and pharmaceutical packaging to target the domestic and commercial market segments.

Cosmetic packaging covers a wide area of essential makeup and beauty products. We have launched a huge department that specialises in eleven categories for cosmetics. If you’re looking for lipstick, lipgloss, eyeliner, eye dipper or cosmetic pens? We have you covered.




Spray pumps are used for a wide range of beauty and personal care products. We offer a variety of sizes, colours, styles and protective over caps. Spray pumps can also be used with aerosol and non-aerosol dispensing. Do you need a bottle with a matching neck size? We have a fantastic collection of PET and HDPE bottles that will fit our spray pumps.


We all know how essential sun creams and lotions are for human skin. Too much sun can cause dangerous problems. Our packaging solutions include recyclable bottles, matching caps, sprays, dispensing pumps, protective caps, jars, tubes or airless bottles. For more information, please get in touch today.



We can package your ideas into a bespoke solution by working with your ideas and goals. Our online sample bay lets you order what you need for free, enabling you to test before launching to market.

Our Product Marketing and Manufacturing Team – endeavour with an endless passion for bringing you the latest alternative packaging solutions. We offer biopolymer, fully recyclable and PCR plastics bottles and pumps. We want to help the environment and reduce our carbon footprint, but we need your help to change.




Our client base has grown to supply small and large distribution companies, established brands, and startups worldwide. Our friendly customer Account Managers take ownership of all accounts; we offer a free sample bay enabling product testing, product building, and free storage, which can be delivered back to you over 12 months.


Berlin Packaging UK offers a selection of pharmaceutical products which are distributed to hospitals and medical facilities. We also offer bottles, caps, trigger sprays and lotions pumps for this sector. Our product range has helped with the recent pandemic, and we provide solutions for hand and body hygiene packaging.


Hair and beauty salons use a wide range of PP airless bottles, mini trigger sprays, caps and cosmetic products. We can help create a new line of instore products and develop brand growth for existing and new customers. Our packaging solutions are perfect for oils, gels, liquids and serums, which help with body, face and hair care products.



As we offer a selection of hygiene, antibacterial, and surface cleaning solutions, we work with schools, colleges and universities across the UK. We can supply stock items at a reduced cost and store large orders to free up extra expense. Just draw down on your held items when needed.

Hotels tend to use our range of products for cleaning, cosmetics, body care and hygiene solutions. Because we offer small bottles, caps and closures in our stock range. We can be relied on for quick ordering and bulk orders.



As a supplier of recyclable packaging for commercial properties, we can offer solutions for restaurants and kitchens. Our selection of trigger sprays, bottles, caps, closures and dispensing pumps make it easy for public and private buyers to have the products they need to hand.

We offer a wide selection of cosmetic jars, nail application items and nail polish remover products; to help large and small businesses specialising in nail technicians and manicurists. Berlin Packaging UK has helped grow companies that turn into brands with a product to offer.




We offer a considered selection of crimp pumps for the perfume market. We can colour match and provide different sizes. Our crimp pumps can mist or spray and are very popular with fragrance and perfume products.


We supply a range of beauty and cosmetic businesses with empty containers for all cosmetic categories. We can help you source a filler once you decide on the product you want to sell.




Have you got a business idea or looking to get into the market segments for liquid or cosmetic packaging? We can help you get started with our stock products or low MOQ’s. We also offer free stock holding saving you space and storage costs. If this sounds like you? Please get in touch today and speak to one of our friendly Account Managers.

As Berlin Packaging UK offers a wide selection of stock products for small MOQs, we can help you supply other business ideas. You can mix and match products to develop, supply or offer new revenue streams through online shopping outlets that we don’t cover.



The personal hygiene market is packed with important products to help fight germs, bacteria and viruses. We aim to offer a range of product solutions for family safety, good health and peace of mind. We understand our product offering is large, so we have condensed our products into the following categories.


We offer a range of bottles, caps and dispensing pumps, which are perfect for the hand sanitation target market. Compact bottles, small flip top caps and disc caps have become popular with the current market conditions. You can discover our stock offering or browse through the dispensing pumps and bottles with our online sample bay.


Keeping hard and soft surfaces clean is a daily routine; however, we offer a range of trigger dispensing pumps that can get the job done. Our matching bottles and trigger sprays are designed to work on a commercial and domestic scale.




Soap dispensing solutions is a must! In this modern marketplace. We offer a wide range of foamer pumps, lotions pumps, cream pumps and spray pumps that can work with soap products. Our HDPE and PET bottles come in different styles and designs with neck sizes suited to all the dispensing pumps.


Our body care packaging solutions can be found in homes all over the world. If you pop out to your favourite supermarket, you will see our caps, bottles, dispensing pumps and jars. We have developed partnerships with high profile brands and help keep their products on the shelf. Would you like to work with us? Get in touch today!



We offer a great selection of oral hygiene solutions, which have grown significantly over the past decade. Mouth wash, toothpaste, and breath fresheners help prevent tooth decay and unpleasant breath odour. We offer tubes, bottles, caps and pharmaceutical packaging to target domestic and commercial market segments.


Facial care packaging comes in the form of beautifully designed bottles, dispensing pumps, caps and jars. If you’re looking for packaging to store gels, serums, soaps, face masks, cleansers, clays, oils, glycolic-acid formulas or a range of new combined ingredients? We can offer the solution to your brand’s needs.



At Berlin Packaging UK, our product marketing team offers a few deodorant solutions. Our most popular offering is the roll-on ball cap with a matching bottle and over cap. Our offering is fully recyclable and can be put back into the circular economy.



Household dispensing products come in a variety of shapes and sizes. When it comes to laundry, air care, cleaning, disinfectants, agricultural chemicals, home insecticides and automotive servicing, Berlin Packaging UK offers solutions that fit the domestic product market. If you can’t find what you’re looking for? Please get in touch and speak to one of our friendly Account Managers today.


Laundry product packaging needs to be safe, secure and eco friendly. We offer a range of caps, bottles non-drip and child-friendly solutions that are perfect for this market sector.

The never-ending task of cleaning is essential for utility hygiene reasons. With this in mind, we offer HDPE and PET bottles, trigger sprays, caps and stylish dispensing pumps. Berlin Packaging UK targets surface care, bleach, dishwashing, polishes and toilet & bathroom cleaning products.



The commercial and domestic – agricultural chemicals industry is a large market sector for liquid dispensing. We offer a selection of bottles, closures, large and small trigger pumps. Our recyclable plastic bottle range is suited to most chemicals, but we recommend testing. Make gardening and maintenance easy with the Berlin Packaging UK product range.

Berlin Packaging UK offers a wide range of bottle and spray cap solutions; to help keep rooms in any building smelling fresh and vibrant. We have opted for none aerosol products, which help stop unwanted gases leaking out into the atmosphere. Our spray solutions work with luxury brands that promote fresh, exciting smells into the marketplace.



We offer a range of liquid packaging solutions for hard and soft surfaces. Our bottle, cap and dispensing options can store liquids suitable for a wide range of care and cleaning products. You might be offering creams, colour enhancers, floor cleaners, polishers, gels, or serums to your audience. We can help supply your demand for this target area.

Sustainable Innovations

As a key player in the supply of packaging for many different market segments, we aim to work closely with sustainable packaging solutions. By understanding the circular economy, we have produced a selection of products to help brands promote an eco-friendly alternative.


PCR (Post Consumer Regrind) combines recycled plastic with new plastic products. The UK Government is introducing a plastic tax for commercial and domestic products by 2022. New caps, bottles, jars and dispensing products will need to contain at least 30% PCR to avoid the new plastic tax on import and export costs.


Biopolymer products are manufactured from sugarcane waste and have huge benefits towards environmental cleanup. If you would like an eco-friendly alternative to conventional PET? Please hit the discover button and check out our stock range.



We have a collection of dispensing pumps that independent recycling specialists have confirmed that they can fit into the circular economy. The use of these dispensers with appropriate bottles ensures packing can be Widely Recycled. The Lotion Pumps, Top dispensers and Cream Pumps retain their green credentials when utilised with bottles made from HDPE, PET & PP plastic.


We also offer a stylish collection of PET bottles that are fully recyclable for all domestic and commercial market segments. All our PET bottles fit into the circular economy – promoting a cleaner environment for all.




We offer a vast collection of HDPE bottles that are fully recyclable for all domestic and commercial market segments. All our HDPE bottles fit into the circular economy – promoting a cleaner environment for all.


If you would like further information about our collection of products? Please feel free to contact us so we can help you with your packaging project.

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