Mini Trigger Sprays for Cooking Oil


The mighty mini trigger spray – dispensing pump is making its debut with luxury cooking oils. This exciting new idea is creating conversation among brands; that are well established in the cooking oil industry. Different oils for cooking or salad dressing include olive oil, sunflower oil, vegetable oil and rapeseed oil.

The trigger spray allows the oil to be evenly dispersed over the pan or salad dressing. Mini trigger sprays offer a practical solution for consumers in the kitchen. They also look stylish on the bottles and help with dosage. This allows the product to last longer in the consumer’s home.

Spray Pattern & Viscosity

The mini trigger spray pattern is essential for oil products. You can choose from a widespread, short spread, mist or a foam solution. For oil cooking products we recommend a short – wide dispensing spread. This will cover the frying pan or salad perfectly.

Trigger Spray Outputs & Dosage

Mini-Trigger Sprays have different outputs these include 0.75ml, 1.3ml and the higher output of 1.6ml. The most popular would have to be 1.3ml as this offers a good level of consistency for most liquid types.



The trigger spray allows for a set dose per application. This can give brands using the trigger spray a new angle on marketing.


#1 Calories per spray can be counted. This allows the consumer to know exactly how much oil to use as part of a balanced diet.

#2 Brands can also state how many applications the consumer will get from one bottle.

#3 The mini trigger spray also allows for controlled application. The product will last longer in the home.


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