Discover The LED Lip Gloss Applicator

LED light lip gloss pen

Introducing our fantastic LED lip gloss applicator. A great design for many interesting occasions. This exciting cosmetic spectacle has incorporated two mini lights into the lip gloss wand. It looks very stylish and will capture any awaiting audience. The lip gloss container is also available with a mirror integrated onto one side of the bottle.


Iconic Marketing

If you’re looking for something different, iconic or trendy, this little marketing wonder could be exactly what will separate your brand from the competition. This lip gloss container allows for colour matching and foil blocking. Once you add your logo to the bottle this product will look amazing.


Lip Gloss Attributes

Lip Gloss SKU: LG-45-12 comes with a capacity of 5ml and a straight edge finish. The LED bulbs are made to outlast the contents of the container.

Lip Gloss Applications

So, what can this little number do? We have put a marketing list together, we will let you choose your desired angle.

  1. Apply lippy in dark places as the LED can be used to light up your lips whilst using the incorporated mirror
  2. A handy torch to help you with finding the keys in your purse
  3. Possibly a ‘find me’ wave in the pub, club or crowded areas.


We are sure you can up with some exciting alternatives. This lip gloss container is truly an iconic idea that will light up your brand and make you the talk of the cosmetic world.


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