Mother & Baby Packaging Solutions


Mother and baby are always on the lookout for innovative ideas. The point is to make things easier. The rise of stylish baby bags, packed with pockets and sleeves has been a huge help. Mums need a place to store nappies, creams, powders, change of clothes and the mighty Bot Bot. It’s a process that can do with a little help. With this in mind, we have decided to put together some innovational packaging ideas.

Powder Spray Bottle Solutions

Powder spray bottles are being used for many exciting applications. Yet they can also dispense talcum powder. This is an essential accessory item in any changing bag. Instead of carrying an oversized talc container. Mums can dispense the perfect amount using a smaller packaging solution. Some of the Berlin Packaging UK’s bottles are small enough to fit into a pocket, purse or bag. A great idea for baby and mum. These powder pumps work with a simple press of the dispensing button. Depending on your style, a dosage is released and will cover the baby accordingly.


PP Airless Pump Bottles

Berlin Packaging UK offer a recyclable range of PP airless containers which is great news for the environment. It also helps mum & baby become more efficient with disposing waste. PP airless containers can store lotions, creams, oils and serums. Airless containers also come in a variety of designs, sizes and capabilities. Brands can use these containers for ‘sets of products’ offering a wide range of solutions.


The Easy Bottle Cap

Getting the bottle cap right for products can go a long way. It can sometimes be ‘all fingers and thumbs’, especially when in a tight situation. We recommend the disc top caps. These can be pressed with one finger and also be closed comfortably. This saves mums trying to unscrew and screw back on bottle top caps. A clever trick when baby is being wriggly.


The Foam Pump

Foam pumps have been designed to turn liquid in to foam. This great dispensing solution can make soaps last for months. Having a cleaning product available to hand is a great idea for the busy mum lifestyle. If baby or mum needs some cleaning lotions, they can be available in a small container via the baby bag.


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