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Our latest range of stock products gives you the flexibility of ordering just one box whilst being available for delivery within 48 hours*. This offering has been challenging as it’s taken years to set up the logistics in both head office and warehousing. However, We are now in a prime position to offer customers and clients a service that can target large or small demands in the skincare, toiletry, healthcare and sanitizing marketplace.

Our stock products are divided into 7 divisions, including:

#1 New Stock Items

Our product marketing team is always on the lookout for new stock items that hit the industry’s current trend or demand. If we see a gap in the market or see an opening to help brands with delivering their product over the year, we invest and stock the items in our warehouse for dispatch across the UK and the world.

#2 HDPE Bottle

Berlin Packaging UK’s stock HDPE Plastic bottles are manufactured and audited to British ISO Standards. This guarantees quality and peace of mind on large or smaller orders. We aim to deliver premium bottles that work and fit with your brand perfectly.

#3 PET & Clear Bottles

Our stock PET bottles also have a premium finish and come in an array of different styles and capacities. We offer the most popular bottle designs, such as the Boston Round or the Tall Tubular; which all come with a range of different caps, sprays or lotion pumps.

#4 PP Airless

Our PP Airless collection has been designed to provide a sophisticated yet clinical look. They also hold an inner beauty, as they protect their contents from excessive exposure to the environment. Perfect for sensitive and preservative-free products. Also perfect for brands looking to deliver a more premium image.

#5 Caps & Closures

We offer a huge selection of bottle caps and closures, designed to work with the bottle products we supply. Some bottles will have more caps available compared to others. You can choose from disc top caps, flip top caps, misc caps, over caps and screw caps. You can use our caps and closures for cosmetics, skincare, haircare, lotions, serums and much more.

#6 Dispensing Pumps

Our dispensing pump collection is manufactured and audited to heightened British Standards. Our strict policies have enabled us to achieve and continually maintain ISO-9001 certification. In simple terms; we deliver pumps to you, that work with your product perfectly. We offer Mini Trigger Pumps, Trigger sprays, Cream Pumps, Lotion Pumps and Spray Pumps.

#7 Jars

Our stock jars come with lids and are manufactured and audited to co-inside with British Standards. Each jar is designed to with work creams and lotions or several other skincare or haircare applications. We offer a wide range of designs, capacities and colours.


Quality Packing

Berlin Packaging UK continually maintain the ISO-9001 certification. This helps push the company forward through the current criteria:

  • Requirements for a QMS, including documented information, planning and determining process interactions
  • Responsibilities of management
  • Management of resources, including human resources and an organization’s work environment
  • Product realization, including the steps from design to delivery
  • Measurement, analysis, and improvement of the QMS through activities like internal audits and corrective and preventive action.

This assures our product range, quality, standards, company policy and producers are strengthed and worked on throughout each year.

Recyclable Packaging

We also offer a wide range of fully recyclable packaging products. We are leading the way with fully recyclable dispensing pumps and offer recyclable products in an effort to sustain a recyclable economy. These facts are highly important to our company’s ethics and ethos. We want to help new and existing brands pave the way for recyclable products that are safer for the environment and our future generation. When it comes to lotions, creams, sanitisers and non-food products, plastic packaging – if used correctly, is an option that helps get products on the shelf in a safe and affordable way.

Why use Berlin Packaging UK’s Product Line?

Our stocked PET bottles are of high quality, lightweight, recyclable and look fantastic with their glass-like finish. Our HDPE bottles are versatile, durable, timeless and are defined by classic designs suitable for any brand.

  • Caps & Closures – premium or practical, fabulous or functional – we have a  variety of Caps and Closures in stock to compliment your range.
  • Lotion & Cream Pumps – our versatile range of lotion and cream dispensing pumps incorporate timeless style and innovation. Options include; a choice of lock up or lock down actuators, springless chambers and aluminium sheathe available to order from stock.
  • Spray Pumps – available in a variety of neck sizes and sheath options, our spray dispensing pumps offer a flush fit and finish; perfectly complementing our stock bottle range.
  • Airless Containers – our Airless Packaging will establish that brand prestige you are looking for! Additional benefits include increased stability and shelf life for your product.

With all our stock packaging, there is a vast selection of decoration options available to you.

*Standard next day delivery applies from receipt of payment or order date for account holders. We endeavour to keep minimum stock levels at all times. However, stock levels and delivery times are not guaranteed. All operations are conducted within standard business hours.

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