The Complete Guide To Cosmetic Jars


As a wholesaler, brand product builder and distributor, we aim to supply beautiful and practical cosmetic jars that fit perfectly into the current health and beauty industry. Cosmetic jars have many options to choose from, including size, design, material, inner shive, seal and lids. Moreover, all these considerations are essential because they help define the brand name and the product contents.

Cosmetic jars are perfect for creams, serums, gels, powders and concentrated liquids. Furthermore, a jar protects its contents from:

  • Contamination – (dust and debris)
  • Unwanted foreign objects
  • Heat
  • UV rays
  • Environmental odours.

Jars also give the contents a longer shelf life, make the product easier to handle, and allow the liquid contents to be portable.

Cosmetic Jar Materials

Jars tend to be made in a few different materials, allowing the brand or product owner to target different market segments.

PP, SAN & PET Jars – can be used for a wide range of face, body, hair and nail solutions. PET is the most popular material as it’s fully recyclable and fits into the circular economy. Plastic is the cheapest to transport because it’s light in weight and durable. PP, SAN & PET Jars can be coloured matched and are the most cost-efficient solution for cosmetic products.


AS, ABS, PETG, and PCTG Jars – are super rigid, slightly heavier and can look like glass. Heavy rigid cosmetic jars are perfect for expensive or luxurious cosmetic products. These types of jars can be used for face or body pampering.


GLASS Jars – convey high quality, hold their shape, are aesthetically pleasing on a shelf, are fully recyclable and the weight of the glass projects the feeling for a high-quality product.


ACRYLIC AIRLESS Jars – airless cosmetic acrylic jars are also designed for lotions, creams and serums. These heavy, rigid, luxurious jars work with high-end serums, gels and creams. Each jar can be colour matched and look beautiful with hot foil blocking. As the packaging economy changes airless jars would suit refill options.


ACRYLIC Jars – are the most expensive cosmetic jars you can purchase. The design of each jar is complex and normally has a matching dispensing bottle. High-end cosmetic brands tend to use these acrylic options for costly matching product ranges.


Berlin Packaging UK offers all the above cosmetic jar materials to meet the needs of different brands and their targeted customers.

Cosmetic Jar Sizes

Cosmetic jars come in a range of different sizes. Jar size variations allow brands to extend their product offering. You may see the same product available in 30ml, 100ml and 250ml. This helps with price points, customer convenience and affordability.

Our most popular sizes include:

Capacity Size
5ml Extra Small
15ml Extra Small
30ml Small
50ml Small
60ml Small
120ml Medium
200ml Medium
250ml Large
500ml X-Large

Cosmetic Jar Colour Options

We offer ‘stock’ and ‘non-stock cosmetic jars, so colour matching is only available for non-stock items. Selecting a strong colour that matches a brand’s voice and direction can take time to get right. However, the final product can look fantastic once you have tested colours to work with labels and logo ideas.

Glass cosmetic jars come in transparent or amber colours. Glass jars are also suitable for many different types of products including, pharmaceuticals, homoeopathic remedies and topical creams. Glass cosmetic jars come with a range of lids, giving cosmetic products a stunning finish.


What About A Shive?

Many jars can come with a shive insert. Shives are great for keeping the contents fresh, clean and free from unwanted foreign objects. All shives are like a secondary inner cap and can be easily removed with the conveniently placed tab.



Decorative labelling can be applied to cosmetic jars with pressure-sensitive, roll-fed, orientated labelling in all sizes. Equipment is engineered to ensure a high degree of accuracy and repeatability of label placement, including spot labels, base labels on jars, and wraparound labels on bottles and tubes.

Many different labelling requirements are also compulsory to be compliant with the EU Cosmetic Safety Regulations EC 1223/2009, article 19.


Checklist includes:

  1. PAO – The period after opening the limit for disposal
  2. Recyclable – Shows consumer the packaging can be re-used
  3. Net contents – 150ml
  4. Name & Location – Manufacturer or distribution
  5. Country – of origin
  6. INcl List – All ingredients
  7. Warning notice – Legal information
  8. Book Icon – Leaflet or card icon that offers extra help
  9. Product Identity – Brand name.

Style & Design Of A Cosmetic Jar

Choosing the shape and design of any cosmetic jar depends on testing and consumer feedback. Points to consider include:

  • Shape – circular, square, oval, rectangular or bespoke
  • Size – small, medium, large
  • Ease of use – lid opening, portable, access to contents, application
  • Filling – standard or difficult?
  • Market segment – does the design and look of the cosmetic jar and product fit into the correct place – noticeable or familiar.

Finding the perfect cosmetic jar for any brand has to take into many variables and considerations. As packaging specialists with years of experience, we at Raepak | Berlin Packaging are ready to help you with your adventure into the world of cosmetics.

If you would like some help and guidance? Please get in touch today.

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