The Subtle Lustre Of Lip Gloss


The glam of lip gloss has come a long way since its conception by Max Factor in the 1930s. Actresses made the lustre of lip gloss a global fashion statement overnight. The glossy lips reflecting the light into the camera gave the lip gloss a desired look and function on set while filming. Those old black and white classic films still had make-up artists using lip gloss to help accentuate the presence of the actress’s appearance.

A Growing Market

A 9-year report (2005 to 2014) from L’Oréal shows a steady increase in the world of cosmetics. Estimates show the industry is worth 180 billion euros with solid growth of over 3%. Luxury and dermo-cosmetics are trending with a growth factor of 5.2%.

Yves Saint Laurent and Giorgio Armani also posted double-digit growth figures in both lip and cheek products. Overall, the cosmetic market shows global growth and is ready for creative products and exciting new brands to make a statement to the market.

The Worldwide Cosmetic Market


Modern Lips

Lips gloss is most popular with the younger generation (14-18 years of age). However, it doesn’t stop young professionals, mums and mature ladies from stashing a secret supply of lippy, ready to be whipped out for any occasion. The ‘plumping’ effect, which helps soften the lips and expose the curves of the pout, works well with lipstick or on its own. It’s the perfect alternative to collagen, Restylane, Juvederm or fat injections.


The Future of the Gloss

Sales show that the mighty lip gloss pen is still desirable and fashionable. The future looks bright for new products penetrating the market, but the question is, what defines your lippy from the competition? Is it the ingredients, the design of the packaging, the vibrant colours or your brand guidelines? To help get you thinking about your next statement in the cosmetic market industry, you could always be creative with your packaging design first.

We have put together our top five lippy packaging ideas for you to get inspired.

Tonic Twist Lip Gloss


Radiance Lip Gloss


Coruscation Lip Gloss


Pinnacle Lip Gloss


Glitz Lip Gloss


Double Affection Lip Gloss


Combining luxury with organic ingredients is the new demand for savvy shoppers. The consumer demands and expects more for their hard-earned monies. What will your take be on the cosmetic market? Can you create a new trend in the vast marketplace? We hope our range of lipgloss packaging inspires you to give us a call or why not check out our other cosmetic articles. We have friendly Account Managers waiting to take your call today.


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