5 Luxurious Cosmetic Packaging Picks


We all know that shoppers love to indulge! Luxury packaging in the form of cosmetic products deserves to be wrapped up in a way that instantly discloses every expectation. Knowing your customer target market can also help, but what is your offering? The skincare and cosmetic marketplace are positioned to make consumers feel better about their body, style and can create a trend overnight.

Moreover, cosmetic packaging hits the buyers with captions like:

  • Silky smooth
  • Full-bodied hair
  • Glowing skin
  • Iconic lips
  • Flawless eyes.

Brand choices, colour and expectations all start with an inviting idea. But, will the consumer pick up your product when compared to the competition? With this in mind, we have put together some of our most exclusive luxury cosmetic packaging offerings. We hope to inspire your next product range by helping you discover some cosmetic packaging ideas like never before.

Here are our top 5 luxury cosmetics, just for you.

Matt Silver Lip Stick

A soft glow of matt silver followed by a cup of gloss platinum, ready to hold any shade of lipstick. A spectacle that fits nicely into any small purse.


Sharp & Modern Eye Liner

If it’s something sophisticated and sharp that defines the next rising trend in eyeliner products, this gold champagne finish with a transparent bottle is a product statement that deserves a second glance.


Auricomous Gold Lip Gloss

Enjoy our velvety comfy ‘lippy’, which has an elegant feel about it. The concentrated gold and delicate matt finish combine to form a relationship that will work with your brand ideas and jump out from the shop shelf for awaiting admirers.


A Shimmer Of Mascara

Discover this welcoming mascara capsule designed with warmth and exquisiteness. This splendour of snug, matt gold is another luxury that not only works perfectly, but it’s also practical while delivering a fiery personality.


A Platinum Compact

A difficult buying choice for many awaiting purchasers. Why compromise on style and elegance? When you can explore a compact case that looks powerful and timeless?

talent-compact case

We hoped you enjoyed our top five luxury cosmetic packaging picks? If you need help or advice on your packaging project or would like some samples to test? Please get in touch today and talk to one of our friendly Account Managers who can help you with your first order.

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