Trending Cosmetic Packaging Sets For 2022


Building a popular makeup line with cosmetic packaging ideas can take time and patience. If you’re looking for a little inspiration on what might be the next trend in cosmetic sets. You have definitely found the right web page. We have put together an exciting array of cosmetic treats this month that we think will start trending for 2018.

#1 The Stygian Collection

The stygian collection relates to the River Styx in Greek mythology. These cosmetic picks have a dark sleek finish and a subtle twist of sophistication and charm. We have put the following together using these product codes. You can search for the SKU via the search icon in the header of this website.



  • Compact Container SKU:CC-01-16
  • Cosmetic Jar SKU: CJ-16-16
  • LED Lip Gloss SKU: LG-45-12
  • Liquid Container SKU: LC-03-16


#2 The Opulent Collection

A lavish cosmetic set – designed with elegance and velvet lines. The mascara, double lipstick applicator and beautiful jar work together perfectly. Remember, if you need extra help putting the perfect set together, why not get in touch?


opulent beauty set

  • Cosmetic Jar SKU: CJ-27-16
  • Lipstick case SKU: LS-46-16
  • Mascara container SKU: MC-50-16


#3 Weekend Collection

A cosmetic beauty set for the fast-paced weekender. We had to add the ‘cherry bomb’ lip gloss container to this cosmetic pack. The roll-on bottle can also help with those puffy or dry eyes. This will help create the perfect look for those crazy weekend activities.


weekend beauty collection

  • Roll-On Bottle SKU: RO-02-16
  • Compact Container SKU: CC-17-16
  • Mascara Container SKU: MC-52-16
  • Cherry Bomb Lip Gloss SKU: LG-38-16


#4 The Fashion Collection

Discover this colourful iconic statement and make it part of your beauty collection. This set includes a range of colourful lipsticks, a funky mascara wand and a beautiful liquid container. The cosmetic jar also comes with a tiny applicator. A significant consideration with a cool target market all to itself.



  • Compact Container SKU: CC-14-16
  • Cosmetic Jar SKU: CJ-36-16
  • The Lipstick case SKU: LS-35-16
  • Mascara container SKU: MC-03-16
  • Liquid Container SKU: LC-01-16


#5 The Complete Cosmetic Packaging Collection

Introducing the complete makeup and beauty set. A powerful pack that has everything for any daily makeup routine. The only item missing here is an eyeliner solution. We have kept this out on purpose so you can browse our iconic collection and pick that one out yourself. This stylish and modern colour scheme has been chosen with colour matching options to produce a black and transparent finish. The Raepak team feels this collection has a very classic cosmetic touch. Furthermore, we also offer a colour matching service, so don’t worry if you have other ideas.



  • Compact Container – SKU: CC-56-16
  • Cosmetic Jar SKU: CJ-28-16
  • Cosmetic Pen SKU: EL-07-16
  • Cosmetic Roll-On SKU: RO-03-16
  • Lip Gloss SKU: LG-25-16
  • Lipstick case SKU: LS-07-16
  • Liquid Container SKU: LC-04-16
  • Mascara container with brush and wand SKU: MC-08-16


#6 Uptown Funk Collection

Sleek, chic and simply unique. The ‘Uptown Funk’ collection oozes style and glamour. We have used a soft elegant colour matching scheme so you know which item to pick up for a beautiful glam finish. This set includes the gold compact tin, double lipgloss applicator, lipstick and a stunning mascara wand and bottle. Our cosmetic packaging team also recommend the liquid container listed below.



  • Compact Container SKU: CC-50-16
  • Lip Gloss with a double bottle and applicator SKU: LG-15-16
  • Lipstick case SKU: LS-19-16
  • Liquid Container SKU: LC-18-16
  • Mascara Container SKU: MC-15-16

If you would like further help selecting a cosmetic set from our huge range of makeup solutions. Please feel free to contact one of our dedicated Account Managers today.

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