24 Trending Plastic Jars With Lids


Berlin Packaging | Raepak offers a huge selection of polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic jars with lids. These types of jars can be recycled and used for a wide variety of applications. The great thing about using these types of plastics is that you can mould the resin into almost any shape or design.

The design of a jar is very important to many brand owners across the world. Producing an iconic range of products can give your brand ‘status’ in its market sector. Jars have become a great solution for:

  • Creams
  • Gels
  • Lotions
  • Oils
  • Serums
  • Bath salts
  • Crystals
  • Capsules
  • Balms
  • Waxes
  • Liquid or solid products.

With all these essential commodities, finding the correct jar for different applications can seem daunting.

Trending Jars with Lids

As a plastic jar wholesaler, we have developed a range of recyclable jars with lids. As there is plenty of stylish, modern or classic options to choose from, we have decided to compile a range of trending options.

Jar Design 1

Trending Jar Lid Colours
Colourful jar lid options with this glass effect finish.

Jar Design 2

Double-wall cream or lotion jars.

Jar Design 3

A square iconic jar with lid and shive options.

Jar Design 4

Transparent colourful jars with matching lids.

Jar Design 5

Stackable transparent screw-on mini jars. Great for balms.

Jar Design 6

Baby colours for this cosmetic jar spectacle. A beautiful modern example of a jar.

Jar Design 7

Transparent dome jar with white lids. A distinctive solution.

Jar Design 8

A classic small bevelled jar for face creams or skincare products.

Jar Design 9

A single wall jar with a matching lid. A classic jar with a sharp design finish.

Jar Design 10

A soft haze or cloud matt jar. A powerful design that catches the eye.

Jar Design 11

Slimline jars with a matt colourful finish. Beautiful white lids to finish.

Jar Design 12

High Profile Jar with sharp edges and matching flat white lid.

Jar Design 13

Small dome effect jars in transparent colours.

Jar Design 14

Double-wall jar with a unique patterned lid.

Jar Design 15

Tall domed jar in many vivid colour ranges.

Jar Design 16

Small colourful cosmetic jars. Suitable for many different liquid or solid solutions.

Jar Design 17

Slimline glass effect solid jar with flat lid.

Jar Design 18

Tall glass effect solid jar with matching flat lid.

Jar Design 19

Soft matt multi capacity jars with bevelled screw-on lids.

Jar Design 20

ivory jar-curvy
Bevelled bottom jar with a floating finish. Matching sharp edge jar top.

Jar Design 21

Large Stackable Jars - Enjoy the Colours
Large Stackable Jars for crafts, cosmetics and other essentials.

Jar Design 22

Small jars with optional colours – a stock option.

Jar Design 23

Premium low priced jar in different capacities.

Jar Design 24

Curved Luxury Jar – An essential cosmetic solution for many brands.

Sustainable Plastic Jars

Using plastic jars for liquid or solid materials is a cost-effective way to help put your product solutions in front of customers. Berlin Packaging | Raepak use high performing, moulded plastics to increase the shelf life of products. However, all the material used for each product is recyclable and fits back into the circular economy.

Wholesale Packaging

Plastic jars are easy to transport, fill with liquid or material products, and can be distributed across the world. We offer stock jars and product jars that can be ordered using large or small MOQ’s. Our jars are packaged in recyclable cardboard and look beautiful on any retail shelf.

If you would like further information, samples or more product options? Please get in touch with one of our friendly Account Managers today! We can talk you through storage, different size options, and designs suited to your target market and final product.

4 thoughts on “24 Trending Plastic Jars With Lids

  1. sofie borghgraef says:

    Do you have a distributor in Belgium of your jars? I would like to order samples because I’m developing a few creams and looking for the perfect jar for my creams.

    So please let me know where I need to order the samples.

    Thanks a lot!

    Kind regards


  2. Sally Ann Marsh says:


    Can you tell me if you do Jar Design 12 with a sliver stripe on it (at the bottom) – to fit a 100ml plastic base ?
    I need 40 to start with.

    Plus I am also looking for; silver and white ‘spray tops’ for 24/410 plastic bottles x 40
    Silver and white ‘cream pumps’ for 20/410 frosted glass bottles too x 40

    Many thanks

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