Customisable Trigger Pumps – Build Your Own


Trigger pumps can be used for a wide range of applications, big brands consider quite a few variables before they decide on the final pump. Trigger pumps products have 4 main design options to choose from. We will explore each one within this article and explain why and how they can be used.

Trigger Pump Interchangeable Parts

The four options for consideration include:

  1. Trigger design and length
  2. Nozzle function and features
  3. Collar size
  4. Dual or single colour options.


Trigger Design & Length

As you can see from the graphic above, trigger pumps have 4 options to choose from. These include the normal trigger, three finger trigger, long trigger and the two-finger trigger. The different lengths allow for interchangeable design options.


Nozzle Function & Features

Raepak offers 4 nozzle options for the trigger pumps. Each nozzle also has an On/Off switch, which is perfect for health and safety or to stop spillages. The nozzle can be simply twisted into place, which is very easy to use.

Options Include:

A – PP Nozzle – Stream – Spray
B – PP Nozzle – Spray – Spray
C – PP Nozzle – Metal Mesh – Foam
D – PP Nozzle – Plastic Mesh – Foam

Child Safety Nozzle
Trigger Sprayer With Child Safety Nozzle

Collar Size

The collar neck size allows each trigger pump to work with different bottle designs. Bottles are made with different size necks, depending on how they have been designed and manufactured.

Collar options are available in the 28/400 and the 28/410 sizes. Each neck size can also have different heights. This works with the final aesthetics of the pump.


Dual or Single Colour Options.

As we offer a colour matching service, Raepak can finish the trigger pump in any colour. Some of the pumps can have a dual colour scheme.

Single Colour Scheme

Mini Trigger Sprayer Pumps
Mini Trigger Sprayer Pumps

Dual Colour Scheme


You can read the complete guide on trigger pumps here or learn about our new range of pressure-sensitive trigger pumps. Alternatively, get in touch and speak to one of our friendly account managers. We love getting new and exciting brands into the marketplace. That’s what we do.

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