Dispensing Pump Neck Size Guide


Berlin Packaging UK makes it easy for you to match a dispensing pump neck size to the correct bottle. You can use our handy sidebar when browsing through online product ranges.

However, we understand that it can be difficult to compare shapes, sizes and designs all in one location. To help you analyse the range of different dispensing pump neck sizes on offer, we have put this handy guide together so you can see all the neck sizes and designs in one location.

Neck Size Calculations

A good question we get asked by many people new to the packaging industry is:

What is meant by –

  • 28/400
  • 28/410
  • 20/410
  • 24/410?

If we take the top variable (28/400) 28 would be the width, and the 400 is the height. You can use these measurements to pick the correct bottle, so both products match up.

Neck Size Matching

It’s simple to match a dispensing pump neck size to a bottleneck. For example, if you take a 24/410 neck size; you need to match that code with the same 24/410 bottleneck. Once you match each dispensing pump to the desired bottle design, we recommend ordering some samples so you can fit them together. From this process, you can eliminate what works and what doesn’t. This mix and match strategy gives you more control over the product’s final design.

matching dispensing pumps with bottles
Matching dispensing pumps with bottles.

Dispensing Pump Neck Sizes

Below is a visual representation of ‘real life’ dispensing pumps with the correct neck size. You can see from each picture the difference in width and height (focus on the neck collar – not the design of the spout). This corresponds with the number shown in the title (24-410 Neck Size) for each image.

24-410 Neck Size

24-410 Dispensing Pump Neck Size

24-415 Neck Size

24-415 Dispensing Pump Neck Size

28-400 Neck Size

28-400 Dispensing Pump Neck Size
28-400 Dispensing Pump Neck Size

28-410 Neck Size

28-410 Dispensing Pump Neck Size
28-410 Dispensing Pump Neck Size

33-410 Neck Size

33-410 Dispensing Pump Neck Size
33-410 Dispensing Pump Neck Size

38-410 Neck Size

38-410 Dispensing Pump Neck Size
38-410 Dispensing Pump Neck Size

Visual Scaler

This visual scaler allows you to see all the different neck sizes inline. You can now get a better idea on the design you might need for your next new product.

Dispensing Neck Designs

It doesn’t stop there, what about different neck designs? Berlin Packaging UK offers all the different styles and designs you want. This will help make sure your product looks beautiful and ready for market. Options include Ribbed, Smooth, Metal-Sheathed, Metal Coloured, Metal Embossed and Metal Anodised.


Dispensing Pump Considerations

Once you have decided on the design and style you want and match the pump to the correct bottle. You may want to consider some technical information such as what actuator or chamber to use. You may need some additional information on what type of dispensing pump to use.

Dispensing pump and bottle with evident tamper seal.

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6 thoughts on “Dispensing Pump Neck Size Guide

  1. Rohan Sira says:

    Are these measured in millimetres or centimetres? Also, just wondering, but what effect do the ratios have on pressure and power?

    • Raepak Ltd says:

      Hello Rohan Sira,

      We measure in millimetres. The ratio depends on the viscosity of your product. This can effect yh pressure and power of the dispensing effect.

  2. Karen Glover says:

    I need a pump for a ceramic bottle- white with a 3.7 cm mouth diameter. It looks like the 28/400 would be a fit. However, I live in the US and only need 1 pump. Is that something you could provide? I cannot find anything here that fits.

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