Dual Airless Container’s Puts A Spin On Things


When it comes to skincare, our team at the Berlin Packaging UK office are always on the lookout for new innovations and products that work. We have been looking at the current climate and focusing our efforts on a range of product packaging factors:

  1. Luxury and quality packaging for high-end brands
  2. Packaging that combines skincare products
  3. Innovations that can reduce manufacturing costs
  4. Alternative materials
  5. Weight of the product
  6. Colour coding options
  7. Dose and capacity
  8. The life expectancy of the liquid product.

Acrylic bottles are not cheap to produce, and they are not very good when it comes to being recycled. However, luxury brands still use them as a commodity for promoting youth, style, and skin enhancement products. Acrylic feels expensive and heavy when you pick it up, especially if you combine foil-wrap with flashes of shiny gold and silver.

Suppose brands decide to use this product line for skincare or haircare lines, offering creams, liquids, serums and oils! Can we offer up a solution that will be cost-effective for both consumers and brands?

As a supplier of acrylic packaging, we may be able to offer something that can help promote our top eight desired factors.

Dual Dispensing Packaging

Dual dispensing is a packaging solution that can combine two separate products as one item. This idea fits the variables we are looking at in future innovations for packaging design. This type of addition offers a stylish, unique, fashionable and multi-functional – end-product that delivers two solutions in one complete package.

Acrylic Option


The Regal – Acrylic Airless – Dual Chamber, Double Wall, Oblong bottle SKU: AL-77-15-30 which is a Non-Stock Item with a capacity of 30ml and dispenses a dosage of 0.2ml.

PP Airless Dual Dispensing Packaging

Although acrylic is high-end and purposed for luxury products, we do offer recyclable options that help with the environment and plans for a circular economy.

Polypropylene is a polymer plastic that is a member of the ‘polyolefin’ (polymers produced from alkenes) family. It is a highly versatile and rugged material that has many beneficial physical properties, and most importantly, it is also recyclable. It resists the action of many chemical solvents.


MultiBoss – The PP Airless – Dual Chamber (Dual Dose) SKU: AL-18-11-40d is a PP Airless Container with a capacity of 40ml, a dosage of 0.2ml and is made from PP plastic.

If you would like to see more PP dual bottle option? Please click here.

Jar and Bottle Combo

If you need a jar and a dispensing bottle for your cosmetic packaging? Why not take a look at this beautiful option. We love how the jar, screws on the bottom of the bottle, offering a fantastic solution for a dual product option.



This combo bottle and jar dispensing system is an airless acrylic packaging solution. SKU: AL-34-4 A perfect cosmetic dual product that is designed to last, while looking stunning.

For more information on the acrylic dual airless container and a selection of new and innovative products that will give your brand the edge, call us today.

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