The Benefits Of Foaming Dispenser Pumps In The Morden Market Place


Liquid foaming applications have become very popular in the current market. The response from brands is encouraging because sales have risen, we know this because our growth report shows a rising trend from 2018 to 2021. From a consumer perspective, the mighty foaming dispensing solution is easy to use and evaporates quickly on the hands, face, arms or body. Some of the advantages for brands and consumers include:

  1. Economical dosing method – liquids can be diluted with water in a ⅓ ratio
  2. Less water is needed
  3. The overall product is lighter, saving on transport costs
  4. Smaller bottles can be used
  5. Product last longer
  6. Easy to use and doesn’t leave the consumer with wet, soapy hands
  7. Cost-saving for both brand and consumer
  8. Hygenic
  9. A lower curve on energy production, pollution and environmental-saving factors
  10. Non-aerosol
  11. A future proof product for both commercial and domestic solutions.


Matching the Bottle To Pump

Foamer pumps can be used with a range of HDPE or PET plastic bottles which are highly versatile and perfect for foaming products. Foam pumps tend to have a larger neck size which narrows the selection of bottle designs available.

Foamer Pump necks size available at Raepak: 40/400, 43/415 and 30/410

Matching HDPE bottle Example 30/410.

We recommend you get in touch with one of our account managers for a wider selection of bottle options. This way, we can discover the design, availability, dispatch dates and order values to suit your needs.


Benefits of the PET And HDPE bottles

As a supplier of PET and HDPE bottles, you might be pleased to know the full benefits of why we offer such solutions to the industry. For further reading on our product materials, please visit our packaging education suite.

However, combining our bottle range with our foamer dispensing pumps – enables the final product to produce a foam without the use or need of any additional chemicals or aerosol. We have compiled a list of products solutions that are suitable for foaming applications:

  • Hand cleaning products (Antibacterial, soaps, skin enhancers or treatments)
  • Cleaning stations (Stands or wall dispensing systems)
  • Hair dye
  • Body cleansers
  • Hair mousse
  • Tanning products
  • Some cosmetic creams (The viscosity of the product affects the foam pump’s dispensing ability)

We currently offer a few solid designs which are mechanically perfect for a wide range of liquid solutions. Protective cover caps are also available, which keep the contents fresh and sealed, helping with any health and safety concerns.


Is this dispensing solution for you? Why not get in touch, order a few samples, test them with your ideas or speak to one of our friendly and very helpful account managers today.

If you would like to know more about trigger dispensing pump options? Please check out our popular guide.

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