Teen Cosmetic Packaging Designs – Get Ready For Some Inspiration


Being a teenager comes with plenty of variables. As social beings, we want to fit in and be accepted. Ok, some don’t follow the crowd or are complete individuals, which is also great. Teenagers are becoming very clever when shopping. They can use their smart devices and compare price points, ingredients, animal welfare, deals, sales and even design. They read reviews, understand trending, and tell their friends quicker than adults can blink. And all this sits in the palm of their hand. The young adult is thinking sharper and understands the world of fashion, glamour and cosmetics like no other. The Mobile Phone is changing young consumers’ minds rapidly.

So once you understand this, it’s highly important to get the shifting marketing patterns right. As we are looking at cosmetic packaging design today. Let’s take a quick look at some points to consider.

  1. Age Group – The term ‘teenager’ covers a wide spectrum of distinctive groups. 17-19-year-olds cover young adults, whereas 13-15 years can fall into older children.
  2. Price Points – Target groups will have different disposable incomes. Paper round money, PT work, pocket money or FT working.
  3. Design & Colour – This is difficult as something can come along and target everyone, or you may want to target a particular audience. This is where design time needs to be considered and worked on.
  4. Ingredients – What’s in the product? Will your cosmetic line affect different skin types? Are they natural or man-made? These outcomes could affect your targeted audience.
  5. Brand – The brand also needs to reflect the age group. Association is key here. Will teenagers talk about it and why. Is your brand memorable and will you gain loyalty? These are difficult variables to consider. However, they all work together with the target market criteria to form the end result.
  6. Research – Magazines, online articles and blogs are packed with information on this subject. Teen Vogues ‘Beauty’ is a good starting point for ideas on what cosmetic products work and what to avoid. Build a catalogue of research and try and find a product idea that sits perfectly with an awaiting audience.
  7. Packaging, Design & Concepts – The expectation of packaging for any market is changing. People expect quality, style, and fashionable and expect the product to work flawlessly. This wrapped in the correct price point, brand name and quality product bring with it consumer loyalty and growth.


Cosmetic Packaging Design & Concepts

As a cosmetic packaging supplier, we feel it’s our duty to offer perspective on the growing cosmetic market. We have selected designs that we feel target different sectors in the teenage cosmetic and beauty market. We have left the packaging solutions without a brand. This lets you see the packaging in more detail and lets us engage in colour trends and final design.

Teenager Mascara Packaging

Mascara solutions come in an array of designs and packaging variables. We have chosen a few designs we think fit into the teenage category. The designs are colourful, and affordable and target ages 14 to 19. Mascara brush wands are available in 72 different options.

Stylish Teenager Compact Packaging Designs

Compacts are very popular in the world of beauty and makeup. With this in mind we have decided to put forward colourful compact containers. These makeup solutions are also very practical and sit off the shelve when compared to whats in the current market place.

Lip Gloss Designs That Make You Pout

Lipgloss is normally worn by teens as young as 13. However what packaging do they tend to go for? The statistics portal shows ‘The data has been calculated by Statista based on the United Nations data and Simmons National Consumer Survey (NHCS). According to this statistic, 119.97 million women in the U.S. used lipstick and lip gloss in 2017’. Here are our favourite products for the teenage market segment.

Lipstick Packaging For Teens

The lipstick market can be seen as a very hard market segment to enter. The competition is vast. Established brands have power over price points, and offer a final product that simply delivers. Cosmetic packaging items like these normally come in sets or collections. However, we would like to leave you with these teenage treats that may help with your brand.

Compact Jars With Added Drama

Compact jars have many solutions. Face creams, skincare, body lotions and hair oils, to mention all. These can be very important to a teenager, especially when they’re looking after active skin and hair. Providing a solution for these growing individuals is a journey that could help many out. Check out some of the packaging colour concepts we  have put together. Here are some simple, yet elegant cosmetic jars.


Did you see something that would impact your target market? Need some help? Why not get in touch and talk to one of our friendly Account Managers. We are here to help your brand target new product lines and get your product to market.

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