Surprising Colour Matching Ideas For Lotion Pumps


Colour matching lotion pumps for bottles can make your final product look stunning. We understand it can sometimes be a difficult task, especially with the unlimited amount of colours available to us. With this in mind, we have decided to flaunt some exciting colour pump schemes; to help give you a better idea of how you can create the perfect colour combinations.

Smooth Finish Lotion Pumps

A smooth lotion pump head can look very stylish in soft colours. A great choice for beauty products.
smooth-lotion-pump-on-bottlelotion pumps

Tamper Proof Lotion Pumps

A tamper-proof lotion pump looks good in white, however, a few splashes of colour makes for great viewing.

Ribbed Finish Lotion Pumps

A ribbed neck lotion pump looks beautiful in baby blue or green.

Black Finish Lotion Pumps

Black always makes a statement, sometimes it works better with a vibrant bottle colour.

Stylish Lotion Pumps

Here we have a full selection of modern and stylish lotion pumps. Your choice can really bring a product alive. The idea is to make it memoroable and iconic to your brand.

Classic Lotion Pumps

A classic design, less is more.

Luxury Lotion Pumps

Do you have a beauty cream in mind or perhaps a body lotion? These luxury pumps work well with creams, lotions and serums.

Modern Lotion Pumps

Keep it clean with these curvy yet sharp lines.
dispensing-pump-oillotion pumps

Swan Neck Lotion Pumps

A touch of sophitiscation perhaps?

Big Statement Lotion Pumps

Perfect for industrial or commercial product ranges.

Tap Lotion Pumps

A clever vintage look that works with kitchens and luxury bathrooms.

Neon Glow Lotion Pumps

An iconic statement that makes you smile.

Have you seen enough or maybe you’re thristy for more? If you have an idea in mind and would like to discuss some options, please get in touch with our team members.

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