Set The Trend With These Charming Mini Spirit Bottles


A miniature or mini spirit bottle is a small bottle that usually contains a beverage of distinguished taste. Many spirit brands use miniature bottles for liqueurs, liquor or other alcoholic beverages. Mini spirit bottles come with 50ml capacities, but 100ml – 150ml bottles can also be considered in certain circumstances; we like to call these “The Mini Grande”.

Miniatures can be used for a range of purposes. Here are our top ten reasons why successful brands explore the full potential of the mighty mini.

  1. Perfect for the small gift market – gift sets with a branded glass
  2. A great idea for samples
  3. Promotional assets – merchandise, limited editions
  4. Travelling convenience for both customer and supplier – train/aeroplane
  5. Reduction in transport costs
  6. Ideal for hotel minibars
  7. Great for home bars and the hobby cocktail maker
  8. Can be sold as a range offering different flavours and strengths
  9. Some people also like to collect miniatures
  10. Fantastic market testers for exhibitions and shows.

As a manufacturer of spirit bottles for commercial solutions in the beverage industry, we have decided to show you a collection of 50ml miniatures to expand your brand’s positioning.


Frasca Quandra Mignon – Vintage

The Frasca Quandra Mignon is a square miniature bottle with beautifully curved shoulders. The design holds a vintage feel and is perfect for a tipple of rum, whiskey or vodka drink.

mini spirit bottle

Serenade – Classic

Serenade is a stylish, tall, slender mini bottle with a tall neckline. Moreover, the elegant design has a classic finish and will enhance any spirit beverage.


Decanter Lola – Stylish

The beautiful Decanter Lola is a stylish 50ml mini spirit bottle, perfect for gift sets or high-end spirits. The design of this bottle offers an elegant, luxurious profile and wants to be picked up and admired.


Decanter Alex – High Profile

If you want a bar top finish or maybe you would like to add a glass bottle stopper? We would recommend the Decanter Alex. Moreover, the Decanter Alex has a rich finish and stands proud with its high profile shoulders and gorgeous neckline.


Bottiglia Aspect – Timeless

For a classic bottle design, the Bottiglia Aspect is perfect for whiskey, rum or vodka beverages. The soft, round shoulders work with the slender 50ml bottle. What’s more, the label design can also enhance the bottle and offer a timeless aura.


Nocturne Ronde – Exotic

Are you looking for something that creates an exotic atmosphere or enhanced ambience? The Nocturne Ronde offers elegant curves coupled with a sunny, warm mood. Additionally, the Nocturne Ronde is impeccable for cocktails, flavoured liquors or sparkling tonic waters.

mini-bottles-for flavoured-drinks

Belleville – Contemporary

The Belleville defines the word ‘contemporary’ with its modernized lines and concomitant artistry. Commerical brand owners would use this mini bottle for rum, gin, or brandy because consumers love to taste perfection.

contemporary miniature glass bottle

Bellagio – Modern

For a modern 50ml miniature, you may want to consider the Bellagio! Its designer bevelled shoulders – enhance the straight body and convex base. On top of that, a range of compatible closures will help to complete the spirit bottle’s appearance.


Luz – Noble

Luz is a noble square bottle that emanates a brilliant design. The sharp lines work with the chunky neck and pointed shoulders. Luz can be used as part of a collection or a singular entity for exquisite spirit beverages.


Decanter Regina – Ageless

Decanter Regina offers an ageless interpretation of neoteric architecture while dappling with mortals for a glorious spirit beverage. Besides, can a distilled whiskey live forever? The Decanter Regina has slopping, round shoulders and tapers towards its petite base.


Alternative Miniature Bottle Uses

Miniature bottles can also be used for a wide range of drink products. From concentrated flavours to sparkling tonics, the mini glass bottles can penetrate all different types of markets. Our top alternatives include:

  • Coffee flavoured shots
  • Liquors
  • Drink flavours
  • Tonics
  • Sparkling lemonade or cokes.

50ml, 100ml & 150ml capacities tend to work for many brands branching out with product extras, enhancements or bolt-ons. You can check out our full range of spirit bottles here.


Discover Your Glass Bottle Line With Berlin Packaging UK

Berlin Packaging UK offers a selection of spirit bottles for any type of project. Our packaging studio and friendly experts can answer any of your questions and help get your ideas to market. As hybrid packaging advisors, we want to make your journey successful and exciting.


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